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Best Practice in Creating Workflow

Workflow is a primary component of Automa. It is used to run a series of blocks in a specific order. We can treat workflow as a result of automation that is built by Automa like JPEG files from Ms. Paint or SVGs from Figma.

by mgilangjanuar • 26 Aug 2022

Browser Automation: Expectations vs. Reality

Are you considering browser automation for your business? You'll want to read this first. Browser automation can be an extremely powerful tool, but it's not always what it seems.

by Srikanth Balakumar • 03 Aug 2022

DigitalOcean Partnership

I am delighted to announce a new 'special relationship' between Automa and DigitalOcean.

by kholid060 • 20 Jun 2022

Hello, Automators!

We're happy to welcome you to the Automa Blog 🎊 👋

by kholid060 • 20 Jun 2022