Automa June Updates Recap

Published at 13 July 2024 #update



This month (June 2022), Automa released two minor versions v1.12.0 and v1.13.0. In these updates, there are a bunch of new features like the context menu trigger, workflow notification, etc.

Context Menu Trigger

This feature allows you to execute a workflow via the context menu. You can find this trigger by clicking the edit button in the trigger block and selecting the "Context menu" option.

This trigger has two options that you can customize. The first is the name of the workflow in the context menu.

Workflow in context menu

And the second option is for determining when the item will be visible in the menu.

When a workflow is executed via the context menu, Automa will be injecting several variables into it.

  • $ctxTextSelection: the selected text on the page.
  • $ctxElSelector: the selector of the element where the right-click occurs.

Search Blocks 🔍

When having a big/complex workflow, it will get overwhelming when trying to find the location of a block. With this feature, you can search a block within the workflow, and Automa will jump to the block position.

search blocks

Notifications 🔔

It's hard to tell whether a workflow has done executing or not, except by opening the Automa dashboard. Because of that, Automa will display a notification when the workflow has done executing and show you the status of the workflow. To disable this feature, open the workflow settings.

workflow notification

You also can create a notification by using the Notification block.

Logs Page New Looks ✨

In the new UI, the logs, table data, and variables have their own section. logslogs table

Scheduled Workflow Page

This page is used to monitor workflows that are scheduled to run. It shows when the next workflow run is and whether it's active or not. And if for some reason the workflow is inactive, you can click the refresh button, and Automa will re-schedule the workflow.

scheduled workflow

Open the Automa release notes, to see more