Automa August Updates Recap

Published at 13 July 2024 #update



For the past month, Automa only released one minor update with some patch updates. And here is the recap of what's new in Automa

⚙️ Workflow Parameters

workflow parameters With the workflow parameters, you can define some values that your workflow needs to be able to run. It will come in handy when you have a workflow where some value needs to change whenever you run it, like a workflow for keyword research.

📌 Pin Blocks

Pin block Instead of searching the block you frequently use, now you can pin it. When pin block, it will put on the top of the block list so you can quickly access it.

🔑 Credentials

Credentials This feature used to store credentials. Credentials that are stored here will be encrypted. And you can't view or edit them after you add credentials.

🍪 Cookies & ⚡ Create Element Block

Now you can manipulate or retrieve website cookies using the cookie block. And if you want to embed some HTML elements into a website, you can use the create element block.

🔧 Element Selector Settings

Element selector Some websites have dynamic element id meaning that the id on the element changes every time you visit it, which makes the element selector that Automa generated not useable. Because of that, you can exclude the id of an element in this setting.

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